Gentle Dentistry

Dr. Khanchalian and his staff provide the best dental experiences many patients have ever had. His diagnoses recommend no more or less than needed, and his work, truly “gentle dentistry”, is as well-explained and pain-free as possible. He loves to see that patients who have had negative dental experiences in the past have them no more!

Cozy, Vintage Office

Our office has a cozy, vintage feel and has been described as one of the happiest ones patients have been in. Dental visits here can even be fun! Patients leave with something to smile about as well as an improved bite and smile.

Friendly Atmosphere

We always strive to take the best care of our patients, and they become friends and “extended” family. Dr. Khanchalian loves get to know his patients and their interests and can often be found sitting in the reception area chatting. His passion for restoration goes beyond teeth and optimal dental health to the whole person.

Dr. Michael Khanchalian is passionate about offering
high quality, traditional dentistry in a caring, personalized manner.